A lot of actions going on this weekend!

Coming soon!
- Filmscreening von der Dokumentation "Beyond Ritual - the body of power the power of body" mit anschließendenr Trancereise unter zu Hilfenahme eine magischen Fibonacciteppichs! im Ya Wali Heil- und Meditationszentrum, Kirchenstrasse 15, 2.Stck, 13.Juli 2019, 11 Uhr, more:

- Weben mit abgelegter Kleidung und anderen gebrauchten Textilien! Workshop im Rahmen der Ausstellung: Janosch und sein glücklichen Kinder im Park des Buchheimmuseums am Stranberger See.
Das Museum und der umliegende Park verwandeln sich am Samstag, den 13. Juli 2019 ab 14 Uhr in eine »Spielwiese der Kunst«! An mehreren Stationen können sich Kinder und Erwachsene in den verschiedensten Künsten ausprobieren.

- Das Fest der Feste: Zona Libre Fest auf dem Kreativquartier auf dem Hof vor dem Import Export
Sonntag, 14.7. von 11-22 Uhr zusammen mit dem Artist Family Brunch der KünstlerInnen aus dem Leonrodhaus und dem Kinder Kreativ Program des Import Export.
Zona Libre Programm:
15 Uhr Performance Break Through #26 "Balance" von Doris Steinbichler (Mexiko/Österreich) und um 21 Uhr mit einem Lichtspektakel.
14 Uhr  Duo TO/LET aus Bologna: Plakatierungsaktion auf der rückwärtigen Wand des Hofes
Und der „kleine Onkel“, ein Wohnwagen von Vincent und seinen Leute,ein mobiles Photolabor und mehr!

Mehr zu all dem/more
zu dem Duo aus Bologna:
CHEAP street poster art |

- Film screening of the documentary "Beyond Ritual - the body of power the power of body" followed by a trance journey with the help of a magic Fibonaccite carpet!
at: Ya Wali Heil- und Meditationszentrum, Kirchenstrasse 15, 2.Stck, 11 Uhr, more:
- Weaving with discarded clothing and other used textiles! Workshop within the exhibition: Janosch and his happy children in the park of the Buchheimmuseum on Lake Stranberg.
The museum and the surrounding park will be transformed into a "playground for art" on Saturday, July 13, 2019, starting at 2 pm! At several stations children and adults can try their hand at various arts.

- The Mega Art Pary of Zona Libre on the creative quarter in the yard in front of the import export

Sunday, 14.7. from 11 am to 10 pm together with the artist family brunch of the artists from the Leonrodhaus and the children's creative program of import export.
Zona Libre program:
3 pm Performance Break Through # 26 "Balance" by Doris Steinbichler (Mexico / Austria) and at 9 pm with a light spectacle.
14:00 Duo TO / LET from Bologna: Billboarding on the back wall of the yard
And the "little uncle", a caravan of Vincent and his people, a mobile photo lab and more!

Joy of weaving: fertility?

At the Smack Mellon Gallery, for the festival ITINERANT curated by Hector Canonge, I'm creating an installation made from all the materials and designs I've collected and processed since my stay in Mexico and the United States.
The audience is invited to play with the installation. At the end, I integrate my body into the installation.
Wednesday, 22.5.2019 from 19 clock, Gallery Smack Mellon, NYC

Back to the roots

Ausstellung "Back to the roots"
Webstücke und neue Arbeiten von Dorothea Seror
Kinder und Hunde willkommen!

in der Galerie

OPENING 28.2.2019, 18H

1.3. - 16.3.2019
Thu-Sat 3-7
| Lothstrasse 78a | 80797 München
T: +49 89 32 55 72 | M: +49 170 475 42 40



In my entire work, I deal with the topic of recycling.
The solution to the garbage problems of the world is obvious. Instead of using resources for generating art works, I  exclusively recycle the existing. With this principle, I also approach my own work. Pictures from the years 1980-1990, which I have already used and cut in performances G'schnetzeltes and Ich bin meine Arbeit )in 2008/09, I reassembled and generated new works from them. From the remnants of these processes, (painted canvas snippets) I created new images.
Likewise, I use the material I used for the two garbage sculptures Melusine and Sackbaum in combination with other materials in my studio (for example, the purchase of a couch of a neighbour, that died of cancer) for a new installation. I will apply this procedure to everything in my database.
So the resulting work is more than just what you see. It contains all the information, circumstances and memories of the old works and represents a continuity in my work but also in the respectful dealing with the environment.