Joy of weaving: fertility?

At the Smack Mellon Gallery, for the festival ITINERANT curated by Hector Canonge, I'm creating an installation made from all the materials and designs I've collected and processed since my stay in Mexico and the United States.
The audience is invited to play with the installation. At the end, I integrate my body into the installation.
Wednesday, 22.5.2019 from 19 clock, Gallery Smack Mellon, NYC

Back to the roots

Ausstellung "Back to the roots"
Webstücke und neue Arbeiten von Dorothea Seror
Kinder und Hunde willkommen!

in der Galerie

OPENING 28.2.2019, 18H

1.3. - 16.3.2019
Thu-Sat 3-7
| Lothstrasse 78a | 80797 München
T: +49 89 32 55 72 | M: +49 170 475 42 40



In my entire work, I deal with the topic of recycling.
The solution to the garbage problems of the world is obvious. Instead of using resources for generating art works, I  exclusively recycle the existing. With this principle, I also approach my own work. Pictures from the years 1980-1990, which I have already used and cut in performances G'schnetzeltes and Ich bin meine Arbeit )in 2008/09, I reassembled and generated new works from them. From the remnants of these processes, (painted canvas snippets) I created new images.
Likewise, I use the material I used for the two garbage sculptures Melusine and Sackbaum in combination with other materials in my studio (for example, the purchase of a couch of a neighbour, that died of cancer) for a new installation. I will apply this procedure to everything in my database.
So the resulting work is more than just what you see. It contains all the information, circumstances and memories of the old works and represents a continuity in my work but also in the respectful dealing with the environment.


Back to the roots!
Ausstellung von Doro Seror in ihrem Atelier auf dem Kreativquartier
zum Sommerfest URBAN 18 am 21.7.2018 von 14-22 Uhr.
Begonnen mit der Wiederverwertung von Performancerelikten in der Ausstellung "Jetzt REICHt's" habe ich verschiedene Methoden der "rug"(Matte) Herstellung recherchiert. Mit den Methoden wie Amish Rug Weaving, philipinische Mattenherstellung und der älteste Webart der Welt (25.000 Jahre) sind die exponierten Werkstücke im letzten halben Jahr entstanden.
Bringt ein oder zwei farbige T Shirts mit und ihr werdet mit einer Matte oder einem Untersetzer nach Hause gehen! Entweder aus eigener oder aus Künstlerhand!