TRASH#Klausur, Transforming performancerelics, Object made from Relics of Performances
The T.R.A.S.H.#Klausur is a three-month research project in which, due to the lockdown, I deal with my relics and souvenir objects stored and assembled in my studio.
#99sharingcrisis, shamanism, nonordinary reality, joy, spirits
On September 11, performance artist and curator Qing Cai launched a global performance art cyberspace exhibition titled "Sharing Crisis". Regardless of country and network, artists are invited to join.
Monumental Weaving, interactive Weaving, upcycling, students, learning

Ausstellung Interaktives Monumentalweben
Exhibition Interactive Monumental Weaving


room 1, Halle 6, Joy of Weaving, Doro Seror, Weaving with discarded cloth
Large-format, two- and three-dimensional weaving from discarded textiles are presented to the public for the first time.

weaving, skillsharing, Raramuri, women, handcrafts
Invited to various festivals, I teach the technique of weaving without technical aids.  Direct recycling of old clothes makes a lot of sense!. As long as they can still beworn and find customers, this is the best solution. But because a maximum of 1% of used clothes is really recycled, I want everyone to recycle the worldwide surplus of clothes themselves.
Installation, accumulation of many weaving results
For the past year, I have woven T-shirts, clothing, fabrics and other used textile materials into mats, objects and tapestries. I now present the results of the work at the gallery Ambacher Contemporary.
They are arranged as a mobile installation in the room. The visitors can arange the soft objects themselves and thus "build" a new installation.
spiral braiding technique
Research about technique, colors, pattern and meaning of weaving rugs from worn garments.
Forschungsprojekt über Technik, Farben, Muster und der Bedeutung vom Knüpfen von Matten aus Altkleidern

exhibition "Handarbeit", back to the roots, geometric bodys, rug weaving, ancient technique, art and crafts
July 2018
Exhibition and workshop
Studio Doro Seror | Munich

The rediscovery of artistic creations made by hands work.
Die Wiederentdeckung der in Handarbeit angefertigten künstlerischen Kreationen.

Ausstellung, Performancerelikte, Ephemeres zu Materiellem transformieren
April 2018
Exhibition | Gallery ARTikel 3

An exhibition on the transformation of ephemeral art into art objects.
Eine Ausstellung zur Transformation von ephemerer Kunst in objekthafte Kunst.

I transform relics into earlier performances and projects into artisanal products, that turn into objects of art because of their individual story. In doing so, I ask if and how the visitor, viewer and art consumer understands the true value of the object and would be also ready to pay.
Beyond Ritual, AKUZURU, Bernried, Buchheimmuseum, Tanzraum Penzberg
October- December 2017
Artist in Residency Villa Waldberta
Munich and Starnberger See
Ausstellung, Atelier Doro Seror, Künstler vom Kreativquartier, nach der Renovierung
Juli 2017
Ausstellung | Studio Doro Seror