Mädchenfänger - "girl's catcher"

For a number of years I have been dealing with various braiding and weaving techniques that do not require any technical aids to produce them. When I broke my wrist in March 2020, my fingers were held in place with so-called "girl catchers" so that the wrist could be set up.
 "Girl catchers" or "Chinese handcuffs" are tube-like braids that, when pulled, tighten around a body and thus fix it in place. It is only through loosening and lowering that one can free oneself.
The construction of the hose required great precision, because it only holds the person if it can contract sufficiently, but must not have been woven too far or too tightly.

For me it was one of the greatest experiences to trust my own work, to construct something- through my art and my craft- which ultimately has to lift me up and keep me in the air.
That this actually works has given me confidence in my art work and an incentive for my future as an artist. Trust has also been strengthened through the expierience that there are other people who pull me up, hold me and won't let me down, i.e. who support me on my way.

The experience of hanging and being held there was a great feeling for me as well as for brave visitors, because the body is not fixed at a specific point, but held all around by a cover in such a way that all muscles can relax and the skeleton becomes new arranged. Once you have trusted in the construction it is very relaxing!
DG Kunstraum
at the exhibition
pardise lost # gender shift

pics by Chris Maria Pfeifer,
Hanne Borchmeyer