Smack Mellon, installative Performance, Joy of Weaving, Interaction, Itinernat Festival, May 2019, NYC

Joy of Weaving - Fertility?

May 2019
Itinerant Festival | Smack Mellon 
New York | USA
Magic Circle, joy of weaving, sustainability, colorful, games and fun in performanceart

Magic Circle

May 2019
In Situ | International Performance Festival
Guanajuato | Mexico

Joy of weaving, playing games with Raramuris, interactive performance, handcrafts, weaving

Spitz, watch out!

April 2019
Performancear or morir | International Performance Festival
Norogatchi | Mexico

Symbols, Ceremonies, cultural differences, Raramuris, Performanceart

My x is your + is my ~

April 2019
Performancear o morir | International Performance Festival
Panorama Gallery | Chihuahua | Mexico