Magic Circle

I am sitting in the garden of the venue, weaving little rugs from striped T-shirts I've gotten from Guanajuato artists and people. I teach the technique to interested people.
On the terrace, that already has circular decorations by the artist Rocio Sanchez, I put myself in a "shamanistic" mood, by putting a red headband and painting a red stripe on my face. Then I stick with colorful remains of my weaving material a "magic circle". Rocio plays on a singing bowl. The audience gets from me small woven circular patches, which they are supposed to throw on the weave in the middle of the circle, so that the red center is covered. Whoever manages to get it, receives a woven patch.
The woven "donut” they are supposed to throw over the spiked hat without stepping over the magic circle and there is a reward here as well. Finally I put on the hat and they try to throw the donut "on me". Only when they have managed to throw the donut over my head the performance ends.
For the ongoing performance festival, I create a platform that gives viewers the opportunity to play and laugh. The material that I used for the weaves of the game comes exclusively from Mexico. Being able to win (something) people are motivated to play and interact.
While throwing the really heavy donut on me, they also take over responsibility that one has also as a spectator.
Their careful and respectful behavior minimizes the artist's endangerment.
The Performance "Magic Circle" is part of the cycle “Joy of Weaving”, which is about the joy of colors and craftsmanship, but also about the responsible and sustainable handling of old clothes and gabarge at all.
I would like to show that it is possible to convey a very important topic in art with joy, fun and also colorful.

May 2019
In Situ - International Performance Festival
Guanajuato, Mexico

Pics by Maria Sanchez