Joy of Weaving - Sports

At the school, where we are supposed to perform in front of all the students on the concrete sports field, I take along a few objects which I have woven from worn out clothes. I realize that the net from the soccer goal is torn and begin to mend it with colorful threads, the same way I patched the fishing net.
On two balls, I attach fabric extremely long strips and connect the respective end with one of my legs each. Then I throw the balls alternately in the opposite basketball hoops. and I let the students help me with it. At some point I am completely tangeled in strips of fabric and attached to the installed sports equipment. Meanwhile, the other performers interact with each other and with me.
Finally, I free my feet and let the students help me untangle the strips. The used utensils are installed in the patched soccer net.

Performance art may seem strange to the pupils, as there is usually no apparent narrative content. I strive to put play and pleasure - my new mantras-  in the foreground and to design my work in such a way that the action and call for interaction is easily comprehensible. I show myself from my brightest and colourful sides. I connect the decorative with the useful by repairing the football net for them.
August 2019
K.R.O.P.P.  Lab 2019
Mo no Kai, SU - EN Butho Company
Almunge Skola | Sweden

Pics by Mireah Monserrat Escanilla, Per Nilson, Doro Seror

Unfortunately, I cannot not publish a full documentation here, because of on most of the taken pictures the children can be recognized and those pictures are not released.