Artemisia and St Johns Wort

The artists of the project Overlapping Kassel come together to celebrate the summer solstice. At the summer solstice we celebrate the highest position of the sun and give thanks for the light and warmth it gives us.
Through the rattle of tin cans and the smoke of dried seasonal herbs, in this case St. John's Wort and Artemisia vulgaris, we connect with the non-ordinary reality. Together we create two puppets that represent us. The puppets, made from hay, sticks and leftover textiles, are fitted with written notices and burned in the fire. Each individual had the opportunity  toput into the fire what he wants to leave behind. When they (the puppets and the notices)are burned, the new shows itself. The first harvest is already done by this time, we offer it to the "gods" as a thank you and end the evening with the eating of wonderful fruits.
Overlapping Kassel
curated by Cai Qing
Fulda Aue, Kassel

Pics by Istvan Kovacs