Pandorra's boxes III

The performance takes place in a former substation. From here the electricity was distributed to the households in Wasserburg. The first technical achievements such as electricity and the telephone certainly held magic for the people of that time. Devil's stuff or God's blessing?
Many tin cans are tied to my hair. On the one hand, they literally stand for the first forms of invisible transport of signals over longer distances (in fact, such can-cord telephones were still used at the beginning of the 20th century). On the other hand, these are also Pandora's boxes, which, once released, bring misery to this world.
In a chamber designed by another artist, visitors can tempt their fate. As in a carnival booth, they throw at the cans, some of which have mysterious markings. Who hits those gets an exclusive oracle session.
I use the cans, sound boxes, magical vessels and simple toys to integrate the mundane into art and to undermine the bohai and seriousness that is often associated with art presentations. And yet their use ultimately spreads a magic that is also inherent in art.
Performance as part of the exhibition
auf einer Wellenlänge
with Gabi Dräger, Clara Thiele, Doro Seror
Umspannwerk Wasserburg

Pics by Thomas Hager, Nicole Dengel