Fetish - Les femmes de la Belle de Mai

I was invited by the Red Plexus organization in Mareseille, in collaboration with the Organization en Chantier, to work with the women from the La Bell de Mai district. I brought ropes and a lot of textile and natural finds with me and also looked for usable waste materials in the cultural center Friche la Belle de Mai and the surrounding.
With the participants of the theater project Labo de desire we designed body constellations using different tension states of ropes. These ropes were also the basis of a spatial construction to which the women from La Belle de Mai attached their works of art. Their works of art consisted of the found objects I had brought with me and own memorabilia.
The task was to create meaningful fetishes from the materials. While working, the women told their stories about where they got the respective objects and techniques and what they reminded them of. So they wove their own stories and those of others into them when making bizarre and special objects. Since all of these women had fled from other countries or had a history of mostly (North) African origin, the objects became multicultural and took on an intercultural, even interreligious flair.
They served as good luck charms for the women and, after the women had told their story about their respective object, they were also used in a final performance in which everyone physically took part with their objects and other materials.