Porte Bonheur

From items found on site and relics from previous performances and interventions, I create bizarre small objects that I give away to the population in Loupian as” lucky charms”.
I learn through the various encounters with the inhabitants in which I meet distrust and skepticism, but also willingness to communicateand and open-mindedness, how strangers feel when they come into a new environment and want to contribute themselves, in a way that is may be unfamiliar to the local residents.
It doesn't matter whether this work is perceived as art. All these absurd handicrafts are a means of establishing contact. I have invaded the territory of these people and with my lucky charms. I take a place in their lives and my being there leaves a testimony of my work in their home.
As a further development from purely ephemeral performance art, which can only be captured in pictures, I leave material traces of my art directly on the individual and do not create monumental works from resources, but rather transform existing and discarded materials into memorabilia.