Brüten Zeigen 2

Dressed in a white, skin-tight suit the artist approaches the audience.
She colors her face with white paint, while someone in the audience holds a mirror. She distributes arrows to the visitors. Then she attaches white balloons to her body, covering her head and face.
While she stands still in the middle of the room, the audience slowly understands, that they have to poke the balloons with the arrows.
When the last balloon has bursts, the artist leaves the site.
As a performance artist the audience is a part of my work. Without the recipients I am not able to generate performanceart. I want to show the effect the interaction with the audience has on my work.
With the chosen props I can limit the „failures“ and uncontrolled actions, but I cannot control them completely. Therefore, the interaction with the audience is always the unpredictable part of my work.
In order to express my faith in the audience I submit myself to them and and thereby risk my physical wellbeing.
I share the responsibility for the success of the piece with the audience and each of us becomes a designer. The canvas, on which I stand, is a visible and not ephemeral result of this cooperation.
Exhibition Monochromosomen, Electric Artcubes, Halle 50, Domagkateliers

Equipment: white stockings, balloons, paint, sticks with attached nails, tarp, white canvas

Pics: Martina Marini Misterioso