Buddha's waiting 2

In the Viale Garibaldi, a park, which connects the Gardini with the Arsenale, I decided to spin a cocoon in a corner. In order to construct the cocoon, I built a network of ropes which connected man made and natural features.
1st day: Choosing the location. Winding the strings into balls.
2ndday: Attaching the big rope to the tree, the streetlamp, the building and the iron fence. (Thanks to my assistants we succeeded to climb high and connect the top spots to get the cocoon high in the air. The main frame of the cocoon was constructed with the bigger ropes.)
3rd day: Weaving myself into the cocoon with the thin white strings. Freeing myself after 7 hours with a colorful transformation.
Where and how could I construct my individual space? Connecting nature with culture, trees with fences, buildings with lamps. Suspended in the air, I am tying my self up, closer and closer in a self-woven net. Immersed in the process, I am distracted from the physical effort of the task. Once I realize that I cannot move any more, I feel trapped.
For my transformation I chose the colors of the German flag. I feel trapped to be German. By a whim of nature I was born in Germany to German parents.
By constructing my individual nationality I keep coming back to my unloved origin.
Freed from my cocoon I stay stained with the colors: black, red, yellow.
May 2015
Infr’action Venice
Viale Garibaldi Italy
Rope, white thread, ballons, black, red and yellow paint

Assistants: Martina Marini Misterioso, Stefano Traficante, Elena Adamou
Pics: Martina Marini Misterioso