She-Artist | Species Artist 3

The “Kulturjurte”, an alternative enterprise of young idealists and artists invited me to perform in the yurt, which was located on the lawn in front of the Art Academy in Munich.
I studied art At the Academy and worked there as a teacher for performance art for many years.
How does an artist fare, who is working only on the free art market as a performance artist?
Through the rods oft he yurt you can see me naked. I did not bring anything with me. My tool is my body and everything connected to it: My experience, my brain, my knowledge, my past, my feelings, my soul, my abilities....
With the following label I inform the audience about the needs of a female performance artist and invite them to bring anything they think the artist needs.
People are quite shy and while reading the label they nearly don’t look at me.
Surrounded by all these young people and artist they might not be interested in seeing what a more than 50 years old artist looks alike.
Some approached and through the rods handed me: A beer, a lemonade, an apple, a book, water.
No cover is offered, no conversation started…there is neither money, nor shelter, nor company.
Does that, what we h a v e, make us visibly of value?
How can you measure the success of an artist, who is doing ephemeral works?
How can artists survive, if they are not able to sell their work, should they sell themselves? Should society support artists also in a in material way?
The vain attempt of a lady to free me (she did not know the number of the lock) at least showed some emotional access.
How important to society are somewhat successful, professional, aging artists whose creative urge is unbroken?
July 2015
Kulturjurte, Academy of fine Arts

Equipment: a shild

Pics: Thomas Degen, Martina Marini Misterioso