For a performance, which is shown via Skype on a screen at a football-stadion I sit with a huge watermelon in front of the camera. I eat with my hands the whole flesh of the melon and drink the juice. Than I put the empty melon on my head. With a knife I drill (without seeing what I am doing) holes for my eyes in the shell of the melon. Finally I cut also a slit, where I assume that the mouth is.
Greedy accumulating of knowledge about ourselves and the world we live in, leads to, that we grab, eat and swallow all the information we can get. Finally we are so stuffed, that our head is swollen and encased in a shell of different knowledge. To reach our higher knowledge we have to see through it. Reaching insight is difficult and can be painful. Without talking to, communicating with and contacting other human beings, our highly inspired insights are worthless
Juli 2015
P/ART (Producers Art Fair)
Millerntor Gallery, Screen (4x8 m)
St-Pauli Fußballstadion/ Hamburg

Equipment: knife, watermelon

Pics: Mirek Frasek, P(ART)