Giant Backstraploom

Material: Wodden sticks,                                  Pics by Thomas Hager, Doro Seror, Sofia Gonzalez
threads left over from industrial production       
Size: 110cm x 600 cm (height depends on installation)
installed at Halle6 during the project Joy of Weaving -WWWoW2
November 2023, Munich

For this oversized backstraploom, I wrapped tons of ribbons made from industrial textile waste around the legs of upturned tables, which in this case represented a warping board.
Together with the other women from the project (professional master hand weavers from Germany and Mayan weavers from Guatemala) Joy of Weaving - World Wide Weaving of Women 2, who had the know-how and experience, we then constructed the huge backstraploom.
However, the resulting movable loom could not be held by a people as a counterweight, so we received a heavy marble sculpture from the artist duo Venske and Spänle. At the request of the Mayan weavers who fight for women's rights in Guatemala, it had to be covered because it appeared too phallic.
With combined strength (it always took several people) we then wove a stretch of at least 4 m long on the approx. 6 m long backstraploom.

The installation represents women sticking together and supporting each other in the dying crafts and textile arts. On the one hand, the copyrights of the individual artists, the traditional motifs and techniques should be protected, and on the other hand, a community should be built around the world that also serves to preserve this industry. The gigantic backstraploom is intended to make these efforts visible.
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