Magic#2 Delphi - Temple

Constructed from the remains of performances and other memorabilia from her private and artistic life, the space houses various objects. On the one hand there are carpets and other three-dimensional objects that the artist has made from textile waste or clothing worn by people who are important to her. On the other hand we find objects from nature such as shells, feathers, branches, stones but also other ominous objects such as the hip bone head removed from the artist's body and objects such as drums, rattles and oracle stones that clearly come from the shamanic context.

"I've been dealing with the level of meaning of used objects and worn clothing for a long time. The objects and textile materials that I use in the artistic context were and are always part of other (own) work or were given to me by other people in connection with a story. So the materials of the walls ("Murales", 2020) were created exclusively from materials charged with meaning, memory and stories. This level can be felt and thus creates a magical room. “

On the back of the installation we find a window through which visitors can hand objects they have brought with them to the artist, who then returns them to the respective owners together with a prophecy.

Room made from the work "Murales",
handwoven carpets, magic objects

Denkraum Deutschland FEMININ
Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
October 2021

Pics by Asta von Unger,
Doro Seror