Boxes 2 - state of aggregation 1

“Boxes 4 - state of aggregation 1”
I fill a cage 80cm x 80cm x 80cm with stones and balloons, which are filled with red paint.
I place the balloons very carefully, that they will not burst.
When the cage is nearly full, my head and my joints protected with bandage, I step into the cage.
I work myself into the stones until somebody is able to close the cage. I continue to move my body deeper into the stones. The balloons are splashing. When I am exhausted, I rest. Finally some helper are opening the cage. With all the stones I spill out of the cage.
Solid, liquid and organic matter are ingredients of life. How beings are emerging out of this?
Replacing symbolic a soul with my own body, protecting it for what is coming in the world of matter, I step into the frame of life. While working myself into it, I forget, what was my goal. Was there a goal anyway? I just try to lower the pain of the pressing stones. My immediate goal is just to make my situation a bit more comfortable. The repeatedly bursting balloons remind me to cyclic recurring events in human life and/or the female body. The bursting feels like a relief, even it might look from the outside like bleeding and demonstrating my injuries.
Being finally freed from the restrictive reality I drive on the surface of the matter. The weight of the heavy matter carries me until I decide to leave it behind.
August 2016
STONE Project
by Su En Butoh Company
Haglund Skola and
Köttinspektionen, Uppsala, Sweden

Pics: Anders Rönnlund