Injuries 1

On the floor of a big cage I put white balloons filled with red paint in the form of a circle. Then I use bandages to cover the parts of my body, which are at present or were once injured.
I connect different parts of my body with the balloons on the floor by tying them with strings. Than I throw the balloons over the edges of the grid of the cage. Increasingly, I get stuck and I become unable to move.  My assistant distributes sticks to the audience, which have a nail attached on one end. The audience pokes holes in the balloons and the red paint splatters everywhere. When all the balloons are burst I can move again and leave the cage. Right after, I take a public bath in my installation “public restroom”.
Covering the injured parts of my body helps me to endure by trying to protect the wounds. Making my injuries a part of a public negotiation helps me to better cope with fragility, complexes and injuries.
The audience involved takes the risk to possibly hurt me, but at the same time, they help me to blast my captive feelings which are behind the wounds, which were caused by injuries, no matter if physical or psychological and doing that, they also free me from them.
I take the risk to get hurt by the audience.
But through the trust in the (unknown) others, the fear of showing myself fragile, putting “inside-out”, it can be transformed into a healing process and a more safe and honest state emerges for both sides, the audience and myself.
September 2016
préavis de désordre urbain 10
redplexus,festival international de performance
Marseille, France

Pics: Peter Baren, Elea Terrode,
Franck Martinet, Dji Ani