Delivery (motherhood)

Connecting different body parts and my hair to small stones with threads I drag them along the street. It is difficult, to keep them sorted, so I have to move very carefully.
On the way I loose some stones. I reach a place, were a string is stretched between a tree and a lamp. I stand in front of it and people are throwing the attached stones above the strings.
The last stone I throw myself. Then I pull out the other end of this specific string, which is attached to a stone in my vagina. Finally I cut the strings with scissors to free myself.
At the day of my daughter’s birth I create a performance about all the kids a woman bears, carries, cares, delivers, raises and also looses.
Originally I wanted to transform the cruel act of throwing stones from a threatening habit into a playful game. But since stones, even when they are small, always demand attention to their weight, I surrendered and accepted, that I have to carry them with me. So every little weight stood for what I drag and carry, the expectation of myself and the society, how a woman has to be, to live, to love.
In interaction with the audience we succeed to lift the weight of the individual stones, but than I am stuck at the place, where I stand.
According to the “rights of sharia” a woman can be “stoned” for living her free sexual life.
How can we women move on with all our androcentric history and traditions?
The stone, which stood for my first birth and fertility I removed from my vagina.
Being at menopause and not fertile any more could this free me from all those expectations of society and my own demands?