A square grid is hanging down the ceiling like a swing. I place six stones and six balloons filled with red paint on it. Under the grid I make a “bed” out of white feathers.
I lay on the “bed” under the grid.
Softly I start to swing the grid. Carefully I poke holes in the balloons. The color is dripping on my white dress. During this procedure I hold my eyes closed and just feel the coolness of the color, the softness of the feathers and the swinging weight above me. I feel light.
Other artists are interfering in this scene. Like a mirror Liv Hanne Haugen lays on the grid above me. While we are passively laying, the other artists start to splatter around the red paint on us and on the feathers, destructing the stone installation of Naboyuko (another artist of the STONE symposium) and pop the stones against each other.
On purpose I tried to create a peaceful environment, after all this heavy carrying of big stones during the STONE symposium.
Longing for “lightness” in the course of life, I created those hanging, swinging weights, which are threatening and delighting me at the same time. But it seems, during "lifetime" there is no rest. The outside world reminds you to carry on, destroying my calm and peaceful resting place on purpose.
August 2016
STONE Project
by Su En Butoh Company
Haglund Skola and
Köttinspektionen, Uppsala, Sweden

Liv Hanne Haugen, Su En,
Eva Björkmann, Johannes Bergmark, 
Sugihara Nobuyuki

Pics: Anders Rönnlund